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POSTED BY Anand Y ON January 2, 2013 6:49 pm ONE COMMENT


I am Anand, 28yr Single working in a Software Company.

I want your review comments on my portfolio.

Can you please review and pour your comments on my mutual fund basket.

The below are the instruments in which I am doing SIP monthly.


HDFC Equity – 2000 (since jan 2011)

ICICI Pru Discovery Fund – 1000 (Since oct 2010)

Quantum Gold Saving Fund -2000 (since April 2012)

Bank RD – 3000 (Since Jan 2012)

PF – 3600

VPF – 1500


And also I have HDFC Top 200 invested 1000/month from oct 2010 to nov 2012 and stopped investing currently but holding in my basket.


I want to do the following changes to my SIP folio.

ICICI Pru Focused Blue Chip – 2000 (new SIP)

HDFC Equity – 1000

ICICI Pru Discovery Fund – 2000


Any changes required to my folio?

And also please let me know is it required to open a PPF account when I have PF and VPF?



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  1. ” pour your comments on my mutual fund basket” Nice!

    You have not mentioned any goals. Investments made without goals is a rudderless ship.
    Assuming you are planning for something more than 10 years away then your planned portfolio is pretty decent (so is your old one)

    However HDFC equity and ICICI pru discovery can swing wildly in the short term but considering past history are expected (note expected) to do well in future.

    a little exposure to Quantum gold savings (fund of fund with lowest expense ratio should give some balance to the folio in the long run. Its up to you.

    For investments 15 clear financial years away (retirement for instance), PPF is a great tax free instrument). At 28 open an acc and invest just a little, as you touch 40 you increase your exposure

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