Review of monthly SIP Portfolio Allocation

POSTED BY shyam menon ON January 12, 2013 1:06 pm ONE COMMENT

Hi All,

       Would love to hear your views on this monthly SIP distribution setup this month. I am a 35 year old with a have a reasonable risk appetite. Goal is for 15 years with yearly review

Scheme: HDFC Balanced Fund – Growth
Amount (Rs): 8,000.00

Scheme: Franklin India Bluechip Fund – Growth
Amount (Rs): 7,000.00

Scheme: Quantum Long-Term Equity Fund – Growth
Amount (Rs): 8,000.00

Scheme: Templeton India Equity Income Fund – Growth
Amount (Rs): 6,000.00

Scheme: HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund – Growth
Amount (Rs): 4,000.00

Scheme: DSP Black Rock Micro Cap Fund – Regular Plan – Growth
Amount (Rs): 4,000.00

Scheme: SBI Dynamic Bond Fund – Growth
Amount (Rs): 3,000.00

Thank you so much,


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  1. Ramesh says:

    If you have reasonably thought about the things, then well and good.
    I dont know what else to say.

    The funds are decent enough for long term usage.
    The asset allocation you must have thought pretty well.
    The specific amounts of SIPs really does not matter, in my opinion.

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