Revised or original file incase filed using ITR – 1 instead of ITR-2

POSTED BY Jayasuda BS ON July 5, 2013 12:44 pm COMMENTS (6)

I had done the efiling through income tax online website and received the mail with efiling acknowledgement number. I was asked to pay Rs.10 as due tax payable and I followed the instructions to pay through Challan 280 and paid the same. Now I am not sure if I had to efile one more time to include this Rs.10 which I paid.

With this confusion, I was trying to search info from jagoinvestor and in one of the forum (I guess), I found that there were new amendments introduced in 2013 in which it was mentioned that ITR – 1 form cannot be used to file IT if the income exempted for tax is above Rs.5000 which holds good to me, so I should not have used the ITR – 1 form at the first place.

Could you please suggest me what can be done now? I mean, should I go for a revised filing using ITR – 2 form? (May be, if I had to do this, I can use this Rs.10 which I paid seperately through Challan 280 which is again a question with me)

Please note that I have not sent the acknowledgement to the Income tax dept Bangalore yet.

I cannot finish writing here withouth thanking you for all the great work you guys are doing. I had been benefitted in many ways. Thanks again.

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  1. NITHEESH says:

    I have e filed ITR4 instead of ITR1. Is there is any problem?leave your comments

    1. Sir, if you have to file ITR4 , then why have you not filed ITR4? Tax department will ask your to again revise it .


  2. Tanuj says:


    I have wrongly put up my taxable income in ITR, and now my tax has become zero and instead they have send me refund through check, so how should i go about this??

    1. Hi Tanuj

      I think you need to revise your return in that case and let them know about it

  3. Sushant K says:

    >>>> ITR – 1 form cannot be used to file IT if the income exempted for tax is above Rs.5000 which holds good to me.

    What gets included in the “income exempted from tax”? Are you considering HRA, conveyance and LTA part of this? In that case all salaried individuals in India will have to fill ITR 2 this year as conveyance allowance itself is 9600( which is > 5000).

    Let’s wait for comments from some expert…

    1. Jayasuda BS says:

      @Sushant K, “This year, most tax-payers will have to download Form ITR 2 as those with tax-exempt income of over Rs 5,000 cannot file their tax return using Form Sahaj (ITR 1). In simple terms, if your salary includes components like conveyance allowance, house rent allowance (HRA), leave travel allowance, etc, which collectively exceed Rs 5,000 in a year, you will have to opt for ITR-2.” This is a statement which I read in ET.

      But in one of the replies from Ashal in Jagoinvestor, it is mentioned that “Dear anoop, in my personal opinion, allowances are already part of your salary income & not a separate income source. So tax free allowances are to be counted under this exmpted income head. This is meant for Income from Dividend. LTCG from Eq. MFs, Agriculture Income……”

      Even I am confused with this.

      I have got some more websites for the realtes info.

      “Incomme exceeding Rs. 5,000 which is not chargeable to tax. In other words, if assessee claims exemption in respect of any income under Section 10, 10A, 10AA, etc.” is mentioned in the following website.

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