rights of a co-owner in case of joint ownership when the other co-owner dies

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  1. Ammu Kothandaraman says:

    Thank you for the reply.
    My another query is, it is my friend who is paying the EMI from the beginning. though the house is in btoh of their name, my friend is the one who paid the down payment and also now paying hte bank loan. Even in this case also, do her husband’s parents have a share in that house? please provide a reply.

  2. Dear Ammu, was there any WILL from the husband? if the answer is NO, Yes the parents of the husbands do have a share in the property against the ownership of their SON. the info provided to your friend is correct.



  3. Ammu Kothandaraman says:


    My friend and her husband bought a land in both of their names.… they took a loan and she is currently paying the EMI. he passed way due to illness couple of years before. now she would like to transfer the ownership of our land to her name. Please let me know what is the procedure to do so? His parents are alive now. I heard she cannot transfer the ownership to her name and his mother and his father has rights over this land. Is this true? please let me know whether she can own this property alone or my friend, her mother in law and father in law has rights over this land.

  4. Dear Ammu, what’s the query?



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