* Royal Sundaram medical insurance plan at just Rs 5 per day. *

POSTED BY ainvest ON October 23, 2010 7:51 pm ONE COMMENT

I had received the some email advertising about medical insurance of Rs. 5 per day and when I visited the URL it was Royal Sundaram. Tagline goes like this

Royal Sundaram offers affordable Medical Insurance Plans.
Cover your hospital bills and emergency hospital expenses at just Rs 5 per day.

here is the actual URL


Manish, do you have any idea about it. Lets review it on JagoInvestor.

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  1. There will be some terms and conditions , Rs 5 a day means Rs 1800 per year , you should be getting less features obviously , its for attracting customers and for spreading its name , the example is this question in itself, now 100 more people know about it because you have talked about it to us due to amazing low premium .

    Even I can provide you flats @5 lacs somewhere in Aurangabad outskirts which is 1 BHK 🙂 .


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