Rs.9000/-per month in 100% equity divesified SIP or Residential property with monthly EMI of Rs.9000/-(Both for 20 yrs)

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Sir My age is 37yrs & Monthly salary Rs.45000/-p.m. and my tax saving investments is Rs8750/-p.m.Insurance +ELSS+EPF( 76% debt & 24% equity) + Monthly house hold expenses Rs.8500/-pm. Also invest Rs.20000/-per year in Gold/goldETF.I tend to maintain my saving account deposit upto Rs.60000/- and rest i deposit in MIS as and when required.

My total savings are approximately Rs.600000/- except the investments done in either equity or debt.

At present i live in a company alloted  free furnished flat within the campus of my workplace.

I have a 3 year old daughter studying in DAV public school in LKG.

Uptill now I have not taken any loan of any sort .

 Will it be wise to invest Rs.9000/- per month for 20 years in SIP 100% equity or buy a 

ResidentialProperty in Noida Extension in which i have to pay approx. 9000/- per

month as EMI for 20 years. which one is better Investment .



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  1. jignesh says:

    Shashank..Excellent write up in that commment. and M eager to read the further on that.
    Really its a life long help from your side to readers..

    Great job .
    keep sharing..


  2. shashank kashettiwar says:

    Dr Naveen,
    Going for that residential property investment may prove to an excellent opportunity . Similar type of querry was there from one of the reader a few days ago. I had replied to it but the write up is incomplete. The second part of the write up I was going to do but that didn’t happen. These two parts would provide you comprehensive insight regarding this kind of investment decisions and what are the tradeoffs available in both the strategies you are trying to weigh.
    You can read this comment under ‘ Confused: Real Estate or Mutual Funds’ by Sagar. Do let me how you find that information before I proceed to give you exact inputs regarding the advice you are seeking. ( I also need to know a few details about the property in your mind)


  3. Urvashi says:

    @ sainath, Could you please define ” A good financial planner”

  4. sainath says:

    I suggest consult a good financial planner.

  5. Ramesh Mangal says:

    See this post.

    My recommmendations (based on valueresearchonline and – Reliance MIP, HDFC MIP Long term, BSL MIP Savings 5.

  6. Ramesh Mangal says:

    Do you have adequate life insurance? You should have atleast 50 lakhs insurance.
    Your contingency fund of Rs 60k appears to be a little larger than necessary. Usually it is said to keep 3-6 months monthly expenses in a fairly liquid location. My suggestion keep 20k in savings deposit account and rest in a short term fund.
    If you are not going to live in that property, dont buy it. Let your money grow in equity funds and equity-oriented debt funds. Select 2-3 funds and go ahead.
    I would even suggest that instead of putting money in MIS, put it in a debt oriented hybrid fund.
    And keep updating your knowledge yourself. There is no substitute for that.


    1. Dr Naveen Arichwal says:

      Sir can you tell me few debt oriented hybrid funds where I can invest to get returns more than MIS.

      Also will it be wise for me to go for Online Term Life insurance policy,since I am not a static person and have to migrate from one place to another,hence for me I dont think that any Agent can be of Help. I will have to deal directly/Mediator with the Life insurance Provider company

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