SBI CARD – How to make my status Blank in CIBIL

POSTED BY Sandeep ON April 20, 2012 2:10 pm COMMENTS (4)

Hello All,

I had a credit card from SBI which issued to me on 14-July-2006. Because of some reason, dues accumulated and then I paid the whole amount on 28-december-2011. Now, there is no overdues at my end. But my status in CIBIL is still Written Off. I went directly to SBI bank and they asked me to submit a demand draft to CIBIL , as per them, CIBIL will ask the confirmation to SBI and then SBI will generate NOC and then my name will be remove from CIBIL defaulter list. I had a doubt about that procedure, is that procedure right?
How can I make my status blank? I am a software professional, with almost no knowledge about banking and finance. Please help me.


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  1. MNRIFAS says:

    please Cancell my cibil score

  2. Sandeep says:

    Score is 648 which I know is very less. But, I am not in hurry for any other loan atleast for 1.5 or 2 years. I also have a HDFC personal loan which I am paying with discipline every month, its automatically deducted from my salary account. I hope in next 1.5 or 2 years, the score will cross 750 and by your guidance status will be clean. 🙂

    Thanks Manish, I just discovered this forum and its an awesome one for layman like me.

    1. Dear Sandeep, please read again your own reply as well as the reply provided by dear Manish, The thing is same that you have to lodge a complaint with CIBIL & then only CIBIL ‘ll contact SBI…………….

      Yes, it’s nice that you are paying attention to your past mistakes & correcting the same.



  3. Sandeep

    Dont panic .. the solution is straight forward here .. What has happened is that bank has incorrectly updated your status as “written off” . Open a dispute resolution with cibil first using this article help .

    Then CIBIL will contact SBI and check this, if you are correct, then SBI will update the correct detials to CIBIL and in next 30-45 days , your CIBIL report should be clear , but here the point is what is your score ?


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