SBI Home Loan – How to submit Notice of Intimation of Mortgage ?

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I recently got home loan from SBI sanctioned. I am told that I need to submit the Notice of Intimation regarding Mortgage to any of the Sub Registrar Haveli No 21, 22 or 23

This can be done by paying online through Also the notice need to be submitted within 30 days of sanction of Loan

Has anybody gone through this process and can help me complete it? I went through this web but did not get much of it

Information sheer given by SBI mentions 2 things –

1. Go to, pay INR 1000 online

2. Go to of stamp and registration (Data entry to be done)

Then take necessary docs (receipt of above INR 1000 payment, copy of MOD, Copy of Index 2 and Registration fees receipt, Copy of ID Proof, Copy of Loan Sanction Letter, INR 100 Stamp Papaer, INR 300 for Doc Handling Charges) to submit to Sub Registrar Haveli 21, 22 or 23 and collect the receipt of INR 1300 and submit copy of it to Bank for acknowledgement

While I understood all parts, I am not able to understand first 2 parts.

1. Where do we need to pay INR 1000? When I visited, there are various fields like Department, Payment Type, Scheme Name etc. I am not sure what to select while paying this amount

2. I guess we need to make data entry through site However, not sure where exactly it needs to be made

Can anyone who has completed this process by Paying ONLINE help me in this?

Also, does co-applicant of the loan need to be present while submitting the receipt to Haveli?

Help is appreciated



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  1. Prashant says:


    Can you please let me know waht is the risk if we missed the date and didnt filled this?

    1. I didnt understand your query

  2. ROHIT says:


    i just wanted to know whether i’ve to submit nitice of intimation in teh same haveli we did sale deed ori can submit document in any haveli within teh city?

    1. Hi ROHIT

      This is very specific query which you should follow up with the concerned authority only. We wont be able to comment on that


      1. ROHIT MODI says:

        thanks, i enquired with bank and found that any where it can be done..

        1. Glad to know that ROHIT MODI ..

  3. Akshata says:

    Hi ,

    Is it necesary to mention co-applicant in notice of intimation

    1. We are not sure on that !

  4. Dinesh patil says:

    Mortgage Intimation of Deposit of title deed
    Mortgage Intimation of Deposit of title deed, Notice of intimation, Registration of equitable Mortgage Deed
    Three Step Procedures:
    Step-I – Pay Filing fee (Online)
    Step-II- Public Data Entry (Online)
    Step-III- Submit Documents (Offline)
    What All documents you need to submit?
    Mortgage Intimation form (Notice of Intimation regarding mortgage by way of deposit of Title Deed). (Step-II)
    PAN card photocopy
    A Rs.100/- stamp paper
    eChallan (receipt of filing fees of Rs.1000/-) (Step-I)
    Index-II photocopy, Registration receipt copy (You will find it in your sale deed)
    Rs.300/- cash while submitting the documents at Sub registrar (SRO) office
    STEP-I (online)
    Pay the FILING FEES online (Procedure/Steps)
    The filing fee is to be paid online. Following is the procedure for the same:
    1. Go to IGR website
    2. Under ‘Important Links’, click ePayment (GRAS)
    3. This will take you to Government Receipt Accounting System site
    4. Under ‘Categories’, select ‘Pay Without Registration’
    5. Select ‘Payment mode’ as ‘ePayment’
    6. For ‘Department’ select ‘Inspector General Of Registration’
    7. For ‘Payment Type’ select ‘Registration Fees’
    8. For scheme name, ‘Ordinary Collections IGR’ will be populated automatically
    9. Select ‘District’, Select Office Name nearest to you
    10. Select Period and ‘One Time/Adhoc’ against period
    11. Enter amount to pay (Rs.1000/- in case of filing fees here)
    12. Select Bank from which you are going to make a payment
    13. On top, you will see ‘Article Code’, select ‘Agreement Relating to Deposit Of Title Deed’ (Last option from the list)
    14. On Right Hand Side, Fill your name, and property details and your PAN number
    15. Enter the Bank name for ‘Party name 2’
    16. Click ‘Submit’. You will get a pop-up with a number like “MH001236459201314E”. Make a note of this number. Make the payment online
    17. Once the payment is done, you will get a receipt page. Save this receipt and take a print of this receipt. This is called ‘eChallan’ See the eChallan example below.

    STEP-II (Online)
    Public Data Entry Procedure
    Go to IGR website.
    Under “Online Facilities”, click on “Public Data Entry For Filing”
    A page “Department of Registration & Stamps” will be opened (in same window or a new tab)
    Scroll down till you see the button “Start Filing New Entry”, and click on it
    A user registration/ login page will appear
    Create a user & password (Note down the username and password immediately)
    Enter the details shown and click “Start Data Entry”
    Provide “Date Of Mortgage” and click “Start Filing Entry”
    You will be on ‘Mortgagee Details’ tab on the page.
    Select option add bank & write the name of the bank. Click save
    On the Right hand side top, you will see a Token number like Token No is :9992001140509
    Note down this number because this is what you will need to relogin to your form. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT
    After saving, the entry of the Bank will appear at the bottom of the page. If you want to edit the details then click on “Select” button beside the entry
    Click close when you are done with saving bank details
    Now you will be on ‘Mortgager Details’ tab
    Fill your personal details and Save the details, click close
    Enter the property details which you have mortgaged and click save and close
    Now you will be on ‘Payment Details’ tab
    Select the ‘Stamp duty’ button and fill the receipt details
    Select the ‘Filing Fees’ button and fill the details of filing fees. Put the number you have noted while filling the Rs. 1000, (e.g.MH001236459201314E).
    After filling the payment details, save the form and click View Notice.
    Check the details you provided and take a print of it. See the intimation form example at the end.

    STEP-III (Offline)
    Affix your photo.
    Make a thumb Impression.
    Go to the sub registrar office and submit the documents listed in the above.
    They will take a day/two and give a receipt to you

    1. Ajit says:

      Thank You

    2. Vishwanath P says:

      under bank details instead of selecting NBFCs I have selected Bank i.e HDFC Bank but I have to select HDFC Ltd and now the notice is also issued by my registrar office.
      What should I do please help.

  5. c m chavan says:

    brief info on notice of intimation in Gujrath pls

  6. Harshad says:

    What do we do if we fail to file a notice of intimation within 30 days? Is there any workaround?



    1. I have no idea on this

    2. hemant0911 says:

      If you fail to file the notice of intimation, then you have to pay a penalty of 1% of the loan amount.

    3. rakesh says:

      You can ask your banker to change the date of sanction of loan

    4. Tanuja says:

      Again you have to do the agreement with Bank.

  7. Uday says:

    What are the benefits of filing of notice of intimation for mortgage

    1. Hi Uday

      Thanks for asking your question. However we do not have answer to your question.


  8. Vineet says:


    How much do u charge for this work. Please tell us. Thanks.

  9. hemant0911 says:

    The notice of intimation has to be submitted to Registrar within 30 days of from the date of mortgage of property.

    I do this work in Mumbai , Thane , Navi Mumbai, Panvel and Raigad District.

    Please do contact me on email giving ur contact number on –

    1. suresh says:

      which place do you serve in navi mumbai, 9920780072

  10. Hemant Shah says:


    I have taken an home loan from SBI in May 2013. The bank never intimated ME about registering the mortgage deed. I haven’t got any notice/call from anyone regarding this. Guys, please let me know on what can be done or can i just ignore this ???


    1. suresh wagh says:

      It is mandatory to do notice of intimation within 30 days for SBI home & education loan. I have done it sucessfully. If you couldnot do within 30 days then go to bank & make changes in date on MOD. Then it is possible.

  11. Murko says:

    Hi Keyur,

    Did you get an answer for your questions. I have same questions as yours. It would help, if you share them in case you got the answers.


  12. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Keyur, what I understood from your query, the process of registration of Mortgage deed has been made online in Maharashtra. The fee of 1000 Rs. is paid onoine by you and later on you are putting your property’s and own data for mortgage resitration purpose. Once the Mortgage is registered in Govt. records, you ‘ll get the receipt conforming the same which SBI ‘ll accept as prrof of mortgage registeration.



  13. Hi Keyur

    I have gone through this process (HDFC home loan) . I had got the STAMP paper given to me by HDFC bank itself (made my life easy) and I paid the Rs 1000 fees through DD ( I was not aware that it can be done online).

    I took all the documents and went to one of the Office (Kothrud) and gave the form there. I didnt put much in the form , there was a format there on the wall there, which I copied. Next day I got my reciept which I gave back to HDFC .

    Here are answers point wise

    1. I personally dont know this answer, as I didnt knew that it could be done online. If its not a big deal for you, better do a DD and give it to them . All the people who had come there had DD with them.

    2. NO , this information is as per my HDFC agent who said that its not required . Also, this step can be done by any one , even your friend can do this for you and you are also not required.


    1. CA Gaurav Shah says:

      Dear All,

      I have arrived at the steps to do this.

      It is embarrasing but neither Mahrashtra Government nor SBI / Other Banks tells us as to how to follow steps nor the website link when one obtains a loan. Instead they ask us to contact middleman to do this for us.

      Please follow the steps as below:

      Step 1:
      1. Go to GRAS website
      2. Go to “Pay Without Registration” under Categories
      3. Click .
      4. Select IGR ‘Insepector general Of registration’ in Department.
      5. Select Type of Payment : Non Judicial Customer -Direct payment.
      6. Scheme Name: 00300464 Sale of Non Judicial Stamps IGR rest of MAHA
      7. Article Code: 6(1) Agreement relating to deposit of Title Deed.
      8. Select the District of your Property Purchase.
      9. Then Select the Office Name as your sub-registration office (i.e. as per the rubber stamp in your Property Agreement”.
      10. Period – Current FY; Payment – “one Time”
      11. Put Amount 1000.
      12. Tax ID – Any of your IDs – Could be PAN, Driving License, etc. or keep blank.
      13. Fill the details of Property in right side bar (Exactly same as the details you got from bank)
      14. Select Bank.
      15. Now again Click On
      16. Submit

      Please make sure you save GRN number generated before you initiate payment. In case your transaction fails, it will be of help you trace the things.

      Finish of the payment thru any of the Nationalised Bank’s internet Banking. A Challan will get generated.

      Happy Purchasing…!!

      Thank you

      CA Gaurav Shah

      1. Pooja says:

        Thank you CA Gaurav Shah for your step by step guidance on this. It helped a lot. Can you please guide me how do I get the TRACES for the TDS (26QB) that I paid online? thanks in advance.

      2. Pooja says:

        Hi, this are the steps to buy stamp paper online. so the amount mentioned Rs. 1000 is wrong. Instead it should be Rs.100. CA Gaurav Shah. Please update this.

        1. Praveen says:

          Yes..good correction.

      3. Ashwin says:

        This was really helpul

      4. nikhil says:

        Hi Gaurav,

        I have done the payment as per your guide line but I have not got the challan for the same & I tried to get through GRN No it is showing no record found.

        My A/c has debited with Rs. 1008.59/-

        what should I do now

      5. Santosh says:

        Hi Gaurav,

        This was really helpful. I have a question. These are the final steps or we dont need to go to sub-register office ? Kindly advise.

      6. Santosh Gour says:

        Thank you. for your details description. But how to pay in that account after getting the GRN no

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