SBI Home Loan Problem

POSTED BY Rakesh ON July 18, 2012 7:10 pm COMMENTS (10)

Hi All,

Need your help, I selected property in Panvel while I work and live in Pune. The property is approved only by SBI till now (Builder provided APF number too). When I approched to SBI Pune, they told me apply from SBI Panvel as property is in Panvel.
When I contacted SBI Panvel, they are telling me to apply from SBI Pune as my home and work address is Pune.
I am really confused and feeling dejected.
is it really tough to buy property from other city than home city ?
Thanks and Regards

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  1. Tejas says:

    Hi….I seek home loan for the complete renovation/re constructing my ancestral land in home town, So i approached my local SBI branch. People are quite co-operative but the mistake happened when Pune SBI came for verification of job and other things….They have given verification work to some third party organization in Pune. Due to negligence of this third party and Pune’s main SBI branch It is taking me too long to get the loan despite all necessary documents and and a good employer feedback.
    I dont know when the final sanctioning letter will come in my hand…..Its been 3 months now …
    Hope to get it done soon. If someone knows about that third party then plz comment so that i can get in touch with those people and can resolve the mistakes being done in verification report

    1. If you can pass on your pass on your number, I know a local guy in pune who might help you on this


  2. Eshan says:


    I have to take a loan for SBI and I am going to apply by coming weekend ie 15th in bangalore. Property is pre-approved and is in bangalore and currently I am living in bangalore in rented house. My permanent address is delhi. How long does it take to do address and employment office verification? Will they do verification of permanent address also? Reason I ask is, my permanent address home is underconstruction right now. Also I plan to do delhi by aug end for vacation, so will they complete Bangalore address verification within 10-12 days?

    Sorry for long questions

  3. jaywant_j1t says:

    Hi Manish & Ashal,

    I have planning to buy a resale property in Bhandup (Mumbai) and am running pillar to post for Home loan from SBI Home loan Vashi branch.
    Initially they gave me list of 15 documents of property, which were deals between the land owner, developer and tennats. However, latter I found out that the project is already approved by SBI.

    I asked them to search the name of the builder / complex / society in their database, to which they asked me to bring 7 more documents and asked me to get APF number.

    Now, from where can I get the APF number?

    I went to HDFC, they instantly searched in their database and agreed to home loan and only required the agreement copy.

    Can you guide me to a good SBI Home loan branch in Mumbai that would help me?
    Where can I get the APF number?

  4. Rakesh says:

    Manish, Ashal , what is your view ? should I go ahead….

  5. Rakesh says:

    Thansk Manish, Ashal and Sachin for your valuable input. I visited again SBI Pune branch, the branch manager gave me contact number of a person.
    I called up him, he ensured me that my loan will be done. He mailed me the process and document checklist.
    I am not sure whether I should tell his name here. I am planning to go ahead with him for my loan application.

    his last note in the mail is “Some Thing about Myself: Hi I am xxxx xxxxx I have been empanelled by State Bank of India to source business for bank which is other than the branch business. My designation is Housing Loan Counsellor Therefore you have to provide an express consent to go for process thorough me and engage my services. Engaging my services you do not pay me any thing over and above what you pay normally when you approach any branch of SBI.”

    Let me know if I can go ahead with him for my SBI Loan.

  6. Sachin says:

    Personal experience
    I was staying in Hyderabad and bought flat in Pune (Hinjewadi). I went to Hyderbad SBI (Madhapur) for loan and they told as per SBI “rules” I have to get loan from Pune as property is located in Pune. As in your case even my project was pre-approved by SBI.
    So I approached Pune main branch (near collector office). After discussion with loan manager in SBI main branch they told yes I have to apply for loan in same city where property is located which in my case is Pune.

    I have submitted my documents (Hyderabad home address/ job/ driving license/ Salary proofs). SBI Pune main branch sent verification letter to Hyderabad branch near my home address. Hyderabad SBI branch did my local verification and sent satisfactory report back to Pune branch and then my loan was sanctioned.

    THIS WILL TAKE GOOD AMOUNT OF TIME AND YOU WILL HAVE TO DO LOT OF FOLLOWUP ON THIS. AFTER ALL SBI IS A PSU BANK. SBI has very efficient employees but due to work load they have to handle it takes more time.

    And as Ashal pointed you should go for SBI Max Gain home loan.

    Manish and Ashla may be correct but above points are my personal experience with SBI branch in the similar case.


    1. Dear Sachin, thanks for sharing your experience. I hope your sharing ‘ll help Rakesh to decide his future course of action.



  7. Dear Rakesh, this is practical solution for your query.

    Please apply with SBI Pune Branch for pre approved loan. Once the loan is sanctioned to you, apply with your property papers. Yes I do agree in this case SBI Pune branch’s work ‘ll increase (loan application city & property city are different) & that’s the reason no branch is interested to serve you.

    Please opt for SBI Max Gain home loan product. FYI- as the property is an APF one, the loan approval for the property ‘ll be very easy. Here I mean pre approved loan sanction is already there with you & now the loan is being approved for the decided property.



  8. Rakesh

    I searched a bit on this , and looks like the SBI Pune should be handling it , if they are saying that its a responsibility of SBI Panvel , then they are not right . I found this on a thread

    Loan across cities is possible. Provided:

    1. Your bank has a branch in that city
    2. You have correct adress proofs and other verification docs.
    3. The project is approved by the bank

    It needs around 7 days additional time for file work by the banks.

    Source :


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