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I have taken a SBI LIFE INSURANCE UNIT PLUS CHILD PLAN in Jan 2009. Annual premium cost is Rs 1,02,000/ and so far paid Rs 4,08,000.To my surprise the fund value is 4,23,000 only. According to my understanding there exists locking period of 5 years for this policy.
Please suggest whether to withdraw my amount straight away or wait till the 5th premium. In case of with drawing the amount how to switch the funds to get maximum returns. At present growth fund is 70% & balance fund is 30%.
Thanks in advance for ur reply.

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  1. Dear Manish,
    Thanks for ur reply. when is the best time i can with draw my amount?

  2. If it was 2010 , i would suggest withdraw . But as its 2012 and markets are already down for 5 yrs now , the damage is already done and now I can see only the hope going forward. Even the costs are taken from your fund from initial years .

    For now , just shift everything to EQUITY and keep invested.


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