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POSTED BY vimal ON June 12, 2013 12:26 pm COMMENTS (2)


I have a SBI Max gain HL and I have started paying regular EMI for past 6 months. But I dont see my Limit and Drawing Power going down after 6 EMI payment.Based on the discussion in the forum, I understood that it has to go down based on my principal prepayment.

When I checked with the bank, I was informed to concentrate only on Book Balance alone which will give my loan outstanding.

Please correct me if my understanding is correct.

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  1. VTMETI says:


    I am also in similar situation as Vimal. I have been paying EMI from last 6 months but still I see there is no change in the DP. However I have 3 lakhs surplus money put in OD. When I inquired with bank they said that I have surplus money so DP is not decreasing. Is this true?


  2. Dear vimal, please ask your branch staff to rectify your loan account, as DP should come down with payment of every EMI as per your loan amortization schedule.



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