SBI Maxgain EMI from NRE to NRO

POSTED BY Ela Selvaraj ON June 10, 2013 2:08 am ONE COMMENT


I am Ela Selvaraj, an NRI. I opt for SBI Maxgain loan recently and the standing instruction for EMI is from my NRE account. I decided to change the SI to NRO account as I will receive money locally every month. Is that possible to change the EMI from NRE to NRO? Also, I would like to know what are the negatives for changing the EMI to NRO account? 

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  1. Dear Ela, you can change EMi from NRE to NRO. Please contact SBI for this. I can not comment for any significant + or – for NRE over NRO. The only thing important is to make sure that there is money in account on the date of EMi debit.



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