SBI MAXGAIN Home loan – what are Pre EMI options

POSTED BY danz ON November 30, 2012 10:33 pm ONE COMMENT

SBI MAXGAIN Home loan – Pre EMI options

I am planning for a SBI MAxgain home loan, the projects complets in 18 months but for the first 12 months I cannot pay full EMI,

Is there an PRE-EMI Option in SBI MAXGAIN to pay only the interest for loan amount disburshed?
An agent said that then I should opt for SBI YUVA loan, which I do not want to.
Please do let me know the option

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  1. Dear Danz, you can opt for pre EMI (lesser EMI intially) & go for full EMI as & when your cashflow permits or as per bank schedule within SBI Max Gain itself. many of my friends have used it that way.



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