SBI Maxgain principal amount

POSTED BY Prakash Dinde ON September 9, 2013 11:58 pm ONE COMMENT


Please help me understand this.

I have deposited and withdrawn surplus amount many times in my maxgain account and now i have lost the track of exact surplus amount. I was told that the amount in ‘available balance’ section is my surplus account. But whenever my EMI gets transfered from my SBI savings account to maxgain account, it goes and adds upto ‘available balance’. 


Query – Does it mean that the amount in available balance consist of surplus amount + the montly EMI principal payment?

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  1. Dear Prakash, on the date of EMI credit, your principal part is adjusted immediately towards the basic loan & that’s why your Drawing power changes on the same day. the interest part of your EMI remains as it is till last day of the month & that;s why your available balance remains high.



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