SBI Surakshit Home Loan .. What is 3rd party cheque SBI Insurance co ltd…?

POSTED BY suchita ON September 6, 2013 1:49 pm ONE COMMENT


I have taken SBI HOME LOAN on 22th August 2013. Due to lack of awareness I had taken the SBI SURAKSHIT HOME LOAN.

As per my observation with SBI HL the interest part will be calculated every month end and it will be credited to my HL account. My emi will be deducted next month i.e Rs.16717/-

Total Amount: Rs.1738245/- @ 9.95 ROI (Rs.1679000/- is my main loan amt and Rs.59245/- is my Insurance i.e SBI Surakshit)

SBI has created two loan account ..i.e one for main loan and other for insurance . I got the disbursement amt Rs.1679000/- today but i am confused about insurance part . Also yesterday sbi has debited amt Rs.6870/- as 3rd party cheque SBI life insurance co. ltd. now what is this?? Also Property insurance is compulsory in SBI home loan. Please advise.. God bless

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  1. Dear Suchita, the 6870 Rs. cheque is meant for your life insurance prem. made from your added loan amount towards insurance (Rs. 59245).



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