Sec 80DDB – Does one need to retain the bills ?

POSTED BY Sambaran Mitra ON September 15, 2013 2:51 pm COMMENTS (3)

For claiming 80DDB, do I need to preserve all the bills of the expenses?

For claiming 80DDB, what needs to be submitted along with the income tax return? How can I submit the form-10I while filing electronic returns?

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  1. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Sambaran, rules are rules. 🙂

    So to claim, you should make sure that these treatments are done in private hospitals but under the recommendation of a Govt. Doctor so that you can attach proof.



  2. Sambaran Mitra says:

    @Manish, thanks for your response. Few follow on doubts:
    1. The tax form asks for a filled-up form-10I. So do I need to get that form filled up and retain with myself?
    2. Tragedy of form-10I is that it needs to be signed by post-graduate-government-hospital-doctor and HOD of the government medical hospital. So if a treatment (say a chemotherapy) is not done in a government hospital, it is practically next to impossible to get a form-10I filled up. Poor me 🙁

  3. You never attach any bills which filing returns or paying the tax. You just have to ‘declare’ things. It will be assumed to be true. But you have to keep all the proofs with you for future, if any issues arise . So keep the bills with you or any proofs with you for next few yrs .

    And this is true for everything in taxation matters .


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