Second Hand Car Insurance .

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Hello Sir ,

This time a quite strange thing happen.
I purchased SX4 (2nd hand ) in Feb 2013 , the insurance is till 17th july 2013 of Rs. 3,00,000 /- and premium paid was of approx Rs.9000/- . Now as we dont know from which agent the policy was done , I contacted a person (relative) who is insurance agent , He sent one person who just over-viewed our car , clicked some pictures , filled up a job sheet and mentioned all the details in that about the car.
As we have already given a blank cheque to our relative , A whooping cheque of Rs.18000/- was paid for the insurance of Rs. 5,00,000/- .
I dont understand My SX4 is of white colour not Gold plated (Which is also depreciating) the value of Car Increased 66.67 % .

I request you all to give a prompt suggestion against this as the Validity of previous car insurance is till 17th July 2013 , coming Wednesday. Is it possible to get my money back ?


Rohan !

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  1. rohan aggarwal says:

    Thank you Manish Sir for your reply . Next time i’ll keep that point in my mind while selecting color of car . 😛
    The situation is like that , Purchased 2nd hand car with insurance till midnight 17/07/2013 from national insurance .IDV= 3L , Premium paid- 9k approx.
    Contacted National Insurance for new policy of car , over-viewed the car , inspection was done , Now value of car IDV = 5L , Premium paid = 18k .
    How this is possible same company of insurance , value of car increased 66.67% .
    On 09/07/2013 inspection was made , on the same policy was issued as i got message on phone with policy no. (Documents not received till yet .)
    Is it possible to get the money back or get adjusted by renewing the old policy .?


  2. I am not sure exactly what happened . But few things I know is this

    1. White car premiums can be highest , as it happens globally , because 90% of the theft which happens in INDIA , as of WHITE Cars, so its risky to insure white cars 🙂

    This is what I know .


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