seeking mutual fund selection advice

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Hi Manish / Others,

Hope you are doing well.

I will need some advice regarding mutual fund selection.

I am 29, and currently working out of Mumbai/Pune.

I have started the following monthly SIP-s, 5k each, since last 3 months :

a) HDFC Top-200 (G)

b) Franklin India Bluechip (G)

Although their track record look good, given the high nav, are these good funds for the long term?

I have also shortlisted Qunatum Long Term Equity, but was not sure given that its one of the smallest (by AUM) fund houses in India.

I am looking for equity mutual-fund suggestions for a long term horizon ( 20 – 30 yrs), as of now I think

I can invest around 25 – 30k per month. I am generally looking for among the large cap/mid cap funds.

Thanks in advance. Your website has been a good source of information. Please keep up the good work.

Best wishes,

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  1. You fund choices are good. QT LTE is a good fund with low expense ratio and will give you some mid-cap exposure for more aggressive growth if you have the risk appetite.
    If you can stomach a little more risk you can choose a small- and mid-cap fund (see link below)

    Past performance is the only foothold we have to decide on the future. No one will tell you invest in XYZ fund for next 10 years. All one can say is XYZ has a good track record so invest in it but review its performance at least once a year.

    You can refer to this file if you wish for other factors to take into account while choosing a MF

    FI Blue Chip is considered as an example along with small-and mid-cap funds.

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