Sell my flat before registration process

POSTED BY Amit ON September 3, 2013 10:36 pm COMMENTS (2)

Dear Sir,
We have booked a flat in Trivandrum last year . now flat is ready and the Registration process is due this month.
and i have relocating to Gujarat state, because of my posting-transfer .
now i have to sell this flat to the new buyer, so new buyer can registered directly from builder.
i have asked from builder, they are allowing for this.
The flat was finance thro a sbi home loan for 28 lakhs  & the remaining down-payment was 10 lakhs

but problem is :
new buyer is ready to continue my exiting loan, but SBI home-loan is not allowing to transfer the loan without registration.
now how to come out from this problem.


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  1. Dear Amit, ask the buyer to opt for loan from any other bank.



    1. Amit says:

      Dear Ashal Sir,
      will other bank give loan for this flat that is already booked on other name.
      have i to transfer loan to that bank?
      sir what is procedures…


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