Shall I continue to be invested in Reliance Equity Opportunities Fund – Plan (G)??

POSTED BY om prakash ON August 1, 2013 6:21 pm COMMENTS (4)


I have invested in reliance equity opportunities fund – growth SIP from sept 2012 onward. now this fund is showing performance of negative 10%. I am quite confused whether to continue the SIP or I can move out?? Now this is eating my funds.

Please suggest, I am really worried.


Om Prakash

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  1. Dear Om Prakash, from your own query – if your time frame is just 3Y, an Eq. fund is not the vehicle you should rode on. Please invest in debt funds only.



  2. Hi Om

    I think you are judging the fund in a very short period of time ? How long have you been investing in it ? If you look at the long term returns and performance , this fund has done very well . Thought ratings should not be taken very very seriously, but still Valueresearchonline has also rated it 5 stars .

    So , I feel you need to be with it for some more time to judge it . Read this –


    1. om prakash says:

      Hello Manish,

      Thanks for your response to my query.
      I am not trying to judge the fund, but at the same time I am quiet worried about the performance of this fund. what to do if my time horizon is roughly 3 years from now?

      Om Prakash

  3. One year for an equity fund is like 1 day! In the sense that you cannot judge an equity fund for such a short period. Every equity fund will behave like this at some point or the other. If you are not prepared for this stay away from MFs.

    Before getting into an equity you need to understand how stock market works. if you are interested you can have a look at:

    Your fund is good. stick to it.

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