Shall I continue with ICICI Prudential Life time super – Pension Flexi Growth II ?

POSTED BY R Venkat Srinivas ON June 5, 2012 6:11 pm COMMENTS (2)

Though late, I have started reading the information on your site and gaining/sharing more knowledge about investment and insurance.
My question is:
I have so far invested Rs.60.000/- (every year Rs.10000) towards ICICI Prudential Life time super pension – Pension Flexi Growth II. Sum Assured is 1 Lakh. Current investment shows at Rs.59000 after 6 years. Do you recommend me to continue or to come out and invest anywhere else?


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  1. Dear Venkat, a normal reply from anybody ‘ll be to surrender but whatever info you have provided, I think this policy is working good for you. In past 5 or 5.5Y, you have paid total 6 prem. i.e. 60K Rs. The policy was started somewhere in 2006 end or 2007 start, that means the initial charges were high in this policy. Also you do have a small insurance attached to this policy & still this policy has managed to remain at least around the basic investment if no positive return on your money. That’s an achievement in itself.

    Please continue with this policy for the time being.



  2. Ramesh says:

    What are the different options for you ? Please study and think about those things, do a cost-benefit analysis, and then take a decision.

    Last time, you didn’t do that. This time, do it. That will help you.

    Learn and invest.

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