share trading doubt

POSTED BY radhevajrakaya ON November 23, 2012 10:53 am ONE COMMENT

Thumb rule of trading says Each  trade must be traded with a stoploss but  if the price shoots from Rs100 to Rs 110 in few seconds than by the time I will  put LIMIT or MARKET  order surely I will miss the chance as the price wil come down.

My broker Geojit  gives me three orders  LIMIT, MARKET & STOPLOSS .

Now my problem is that I cannot put TWO orders at the same time to take the adavantage.

PLzzz Help.

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  1. Yes, you cant put two stoploss . thats the limitation . And if your time horizon is such a small one like few minutes or hours , then stoploss is kind of not for you .

    Its more for those whose time frame is much larger and who can wait for movements to happen .

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