Should file ITR-1 SAHAJ or ITR-2?

POSTED BY Bunker ON June 21, 2013 1:19 pm COMMENTS (3)

I got little confused which form is correct form for tax filing AY 2013-14.

For AY 2013-14, I have,

a)    Income from Salary (Form-16 and TDS is deducted)

b)    Income from House Property (loss of interest on housing loan for one self occupied property)

c)    Income from Other sources (interest income)

d)   Income from Equity shares Rs 617/- (this is tax free)


I have Chapter VIA investments:

a)   Sec 80C (Rs 1 Lakh)

b)   Sec 80TTA (Rs 10,000)


There is No loss carried forward.

There are no capital gains to declare this year.

Self-Assessment tax for the interest has been paid.

Will I be requiring to file ITR-2 because of point d) where there is tax-free dividend of Rs 617 in the hands of investor?


Go for ITR-1 SAHAJ which says Individuals with income of Rs 5000 not chargeable to tax can file ITR-1 SAHAJ?

But, there is no place to declare Rs 617 on ITR-1 SAHAJ. Is that dividend income mandatory to declare even if it is tax free and hence file ITR-2 only?


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  1. Bunker Guide says:

    Will the PPF interest that was credited in PPF account on 31st March 2013 need to be considered if that was above Rs 5000? if the answer to this is Yes, then only ITR-2 required?

    Is there CBDT clarification on what items are considered as Exempt Income (EI)? Is PPF interest one of them? I dont see enough documentation in this regard.

  2. Bunker Guide says:

    Is it mandatory to have the address on the ITR-1 SAHAJ tax return to be same as the property address for which the Income on House Property (interest loss) has been claimed in return? As such the ITR-1 SAHAJ form does not allow to mention the address of the property and only has one drop down which indicates “self occupied” or “rented”.

    Is it necessary that tax return address match the permanant address of the PAN number?

  3. dear Bunker Guide, please relax & file your ITR in ITR-1 sahaj.



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