Should I shart a new SIP in HDFC Balanced fund?

POSTED BY Paresh ON July 29, 2013 2:42 pm ONE COMMENT


I am 33 years old Software Engineer. Currently I am doing Monthly investments as follows:

1.    Employee Provident Fund Rs. 15,500
2.    Public Provident Fund Rs. 3,500
3.    Reliance Equity Opportunities Direct (G) SIP Rs. 5,500
4.    DSP Black Rock Top 100 Direct (G) SIP Rs. 5,500
5.    HDFC Top 200 Direct (G) SIP Rs. 5,500
6.    IDFC Premier Equity Direct (G) SIP Rs. 5,500
7.    Kotak Gold ETF Rs. 2,000

I would like to increase the monthly investment by Rs. 4,000. I want to invest in new fund which is HDFC Balanced Direct (G) as currently I don’t have any balanced fund in my portfolio. Please let me know should I go for it or should I increase the SIP by Rs. 1,000 in each existing fund?

You can see that currently I am doing Rs. 22,500 in Pure Equity, Rs. 19,000 in Pure Debt and Rs. 2,000 in Gold. How is my portfolio? Please suggest if any change is required.


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  1. Sumit says:

    Your debt components(both PPF and EPF) are not very liquid, and considered for long term goals. So, you can have exposure in balanced fund/debt funds for any short time goals < 5/7 years. Otherwise fine.

    Though I would choose different set of funds like ICICI focused bc/ or Franklin bc in pace of no4, QLTEF / UTI Opp in place of no5. But since you already have investment in current funds – and they good in their category, so fine.

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