Single policy or seperate policies (for Medical, Accident, CIL)?

POSTED BY Vijay G ON June 18, 2013 5:07 pm COMMENTS (2)


1. Is it advisable to take a policy that provides add-ons for Accident & CIL or is it better to take each of them seperately? The premium for seperate policies is a huge amount.

2. Is it advisable to take it seperately for husband and wife or a floater (if available)?



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  1. VijayG says:

    Thanks FFC!

  2. Best to keep this separate. Take a floater mediclaim for yourself and your wife. An accident cover is quite cheap on its own. You can take it from any general insurer.

    A CI cover is a tricky thing. If you or wife have a history of critical illnesses (heart problems, cancer etc.) you could consider it. Typically it is a complex product and only a few variants of C illnesses are covered.

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