SIP contributions

POSTED BY Novice ON September 28, 2010 11:59 pm COMMENTS (2)

When you are following SIP methodology and investing every month let’s say to a mutual fund(s), are you not incurring the cost of commission every month? Is there any means so that we can invest with out any fee.


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  1. Anil says:

    Entry load has been abolished but if you buy MFs (even SIP way) from online sites like ICICIDirect, they charge a “commission”. Similarly, many brokers still charge you a “commission” if you deal via them. They call this as their service fee.

    To avoid paying such commissions, one should transact directly. Most of the mutual fund houses provide online transact action facility and you should avail this for hassle free experience.

  2. rakesh says:

    Entry Load has been abolished, so you won’t be paying anything while buying the fund, however if you sell the funds within 6 months / 1 year you will have to pay Exit Load.


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