SIP equivalent in the US

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SIPs are great vehicles in India which take your money and do your investing for you (diversification of portfolio, timing of stocks, almost low risk for 10-15 year tenures, etc.), without you spending any time thinking about it. Are there equivalent firms which do it in the US?

My employer gave me stocks, it’s a highly reputed company, but there’s no diversification. I want to liquidate some of it and diversify and manage my stocks for 15 years (before returning to India), without getting too involved in the process. 

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  1. anon smith says:

    Thanks for the pointer, guess I got a lot of reading to do. Sorry if it got annoying to see the forum flooded 🙂

    Thanks for the reference!

    1. Dear Anon, Please do not misunderstand me. I’m not asking to stop posting queries. I want you to learn. What ‘ll you get? Well you ‘ll get a lot of answers for your queries automatically. Also such reading ‘ll increase your own scope to understand your situation.



  2. Dear Anon, sorry to say but from your continuous queries, it seems you are in a hurry to want to achieve al your goals as soon as possible. Please spend time to visit all the past queries in this forum. Right now more than 4400 Questions has been asked in this forum. Start from Question no. no. 1 & keep reading.

    I w’d like to hear from you after 10-15-25-30 days when you finished all the discussions. By the way, within this period, more & more new questions ‘ll be added & the question bank may become 4500 or 4600. 🙂 🙂

    You may feel, I’m not answering a direct one to your query, well that’s already answered by dear Ramesh, hence not elaborating any more. As a friend, I want to help you that’s why this reply is here.



  3. Ramesh says:

    For US based investing, it is better to read up and ask in a US based forum.


    quite a decent one.

    For US, a passive investing strategy works in a better manner because of huge upfront costs in active funds. Read a lot, for both learning from a US point of view and unlearning from an Indian point of view. Also, there is no hurry.

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