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Is SIP on ETF is better than SIP on MF?

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  1. marshaln says:

    icicidirect also provides SIP in nifty bees.

  2. Some stock brokers like ShareKhan do provide SIP in stocks or ETF. You need to check this option with your broker. If you’ve long term horizon of 15-20 years, equity asset class will outperform over Gold. So, invest in equity diversified mutual funds for better returns.

    Hope it will help you.

  3. I read in ValueResearch that, Reliance Gold ETF provides a SIP facility.
    Read more here

    And this is from Reliance site……/SIP%20Insure-%20Investor%20Final%20Jan%2009.pps

  4. venkatesh says:

    There is no SIP available for ETFs

    1. singarakannan says:

      I think has this option. you can have a SIP on ETF.

    2. SIP in MF is not available directly, but through FundsIndia platform you can setup your SIP’d in ETF also .


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