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POSTED BY Ramesh ON October 27, 2010 11:58 am COMMENTS (5)

I would like to start SIP in the below funds. I would like to hear your opinion on this.

Reliance Regular Savings Fund – Equity
HDFC top 200 equity growth
DSP BlackRock top 100 equity growth
IDFC Premier Equity Fund  A

Please advice any addition/deletion of funds and shall I divide the ammount equally among the above?

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  1. bharat shah says:

    your classification seems as per ‘’, and seems selected 1st or 2nd in the categories. if you really limit your exposure to limit to mid and small caps shares through these mf ,you can do with hypothetical portfolio made up with these mutual fund with 40%, 30%, 20% and 10% of dspbr top 100, hdfc top 200, reliance rsf equity , idfc premier equity resply. on ‘’ transactional portfolio tracker, and see its ‘analysis’. it will show composition of such portfolio with % age of giant, large, mid, small, tiny caps shares. by changing the % of your hypothetical portfolio mfs, you can arrive the required composition, say limiting mid-small-tiny cap shares to 30%, as some expert suggest for long term portfolio. you can take help of ‘’ , in which you can put the % age figures of the mutual fund portfolio, and relatively easy. but i am doubtful that their analytical tool called ‘x ray’ seems not available from some time.
    anyway you selection seems good. however you can think ‘hdfc equity’ instead of ‘reliance rsf equity’ and ‘fidelity equty’ instead of ‘hdfc top200’., ‘bsl dividend yield+’ instead of ‘idfc premier’ , and ‘franklin bluechip’ instead of ‘dspbr top 100 ‘

  2. Sunny Sodday says:

    I feel this is really a good portfolio, and you may also have ICICI pru Discovery fund too.

    Best Wishes

  3. Ramesh says:

    You said all are large cap because part of the fund classification is Large?

    As far as I know here is the fund classification
    Multi Cap : Reliance Regular Savings Fund – Equity Large and Mid Cap : HDFC top 200 equity growth
    Large Cap : DSP BlackRock top 100 equity growth

    1. venkatesh says:

      Reliance Regular Savings Fund – Equity is very agreesive large cap fund with exposure to some of midcap company stocks, similar case with HDFC top 200. Reliance Growth is a multicap fund.

  4. venkatesh says:


    First 3 funds that you have choosen mostly are large cap funds. No doubt that all of them are good funds but there is no point in having 3 large cap funds in the portfolio. Choosing one of first 3 funds along with IDFC Premier Equity fund seems to be good option.


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