Small Business and Social Media.

POSTED BY Erra Kommalaiah ON November 8, 2012 11:36 am COMMENTS (2)

Small Businesses are to be very keen in using Social Media for Business. As now a days all businesses are on the net (Internet), maximum business runs online. For Improving engagement and sticking to your brand further being loyal to your brand in turn increasing sales is the mantra in social media. One must utilise it properly, If at all any problems in using Social Media can be sorted out easily on the web. There are numerous tools and supporting software available, even somelike can be used by lay men who may not be much aware of social media.

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  1. Dear Erra, please help me to understand, how this post is related to personal finance & the meaning of all the words you put in. Sorry I’m not that much tecnocrat – software kind guy so asking this.



  2. Thanks for that information 🙂

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