Small investments to grow

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My brother has recently got a job in Afghanistan and will leave in abt 10 days. His pay will be $600/ mth (conservative INR 27,500). He is 36, never had a continuous job and no savings. I would like to help by atleast put 60-75% of his earnings in different avenues so that his salary earns something. All the money will be transferred to his account and all expenses will be taken care of in Afgh, basically entire salary will remain untouched. Contract 1 yr – and may be extended. For now I am looking for a years time prospect.

Can anyone help suggest what can be done to help this money earn and grow some.

Thanks, Rajiv

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  1. says:

    Thanks Ashal.
    Did you mean a 12 month or 12Yr period?


  2. Dear Rajiv, a bank RD of 15-20K amount (you may add more if you like so) of 12Y duration should be the vehicle for him.



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