Spare A Moment – A Well-Known Unknown Died Today

POSTED BY Ram ON December 29, 2012 11:37 pm ONE COMMENT

This is totally unrelated to personal finance but I hope Manish will allow me and knowing Manish I’m sure he will.

I’m so shocked by the gangrape in Delhi and the ultimate and sad fate of the victim. I feel so ashamed and angry. Everything that happened is just so humbling. We’re a great country but we are not. We’re a shining star on the global scene but we are not.

Let’s spare a moment for the girl who died. I hope her soul finds peace in a much better place. Thank God her identity is unknown or God knows where this might have gone – Hindu/Muslim, North-East/Kashmiri, oh she went to that college which is known for this, and so on. Fact is that she was just an unknown girl – but an unknown girl that we all know very well. That unknown girl is our own mother, sister, wife, or daughter. That unknown girl has truly shaken beliefs – even in humanity.

I hope we can all try to make sure this doesn’t happen around us and make sure it never happens ever again at least with our knowledge that we could have done something to change it and we did not. I know I will. I hope you will too.



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  1. In support .. Its a disturbing event and I convey the same regards from my side .

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