Star Health Personal Accident Policy Ambiguity

POSTED BY Anupam Agarwal ON September 19, 2012 11:51 pm ONE COMMENT

I was checking star health accident care plan.I tried to check my premium on its website calculator
I found some thing strange.First of all in its monthly Income query, i filled my actual monthly income & found that max Sum assured they are providing to me is 5 lacs and my premium is coming 702/- then since Manish had in his article on Accidental policies mentioned premiums for 10 and 20 lacs i filled my monthly income as 2 lacs.They still are providing max 5 lacs insurance.then to find lower range of insurance provided by them i entered my monthly income as 7000/- strange now my premium is shown as 253/- for sum assured of 5 lacs.Can anyone please explain what could be the logic behind difference in premium based on income level for same sum assured?

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  1. Dear Anupam, only Star people can answer for this specific issue. I personally checked at the link shared by you & it seems, there are 2 different prem. bands. First band for mly income upto 20K & then 2nd band 21K onwards mly income.

    Yes the max. possible sum assured is limited to just 5L Rs. in this plan, so in case you are looking for a high value plan, this policy is not for you. Please check Bajaj’s Personal Guard.



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