Stocks on sale .Which one to buy !

POSTED BY Prakash ON November 27, 2010 3:19 pm COMMENTS (3)

Seems some of the stocks are on sale .Good time to buy banking stocks like SBI , Axis bank etc .Kindly advise some other good fundamentally strong stocks selling on discount for long term .


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  1. Sohil says:

    Long term i guess means for next 5 years you dont want to see where it trades.Buy and forget.

    SInce you mentioned banking.All your bets look good.But you can also put your eggs in karur vysya and jammau and kashmir bank.As they can become next hdfc ,axis etc.

    But for minimum risk your bets are most safe.

    Also in long run look for infrastructure and pharma sector as they too have more potentials.

  2. rakesh says:

    I would rather buy real estate stocks, most of them in the mid-cap category have corrected over 25%. They may correct more but then they will run up quickly too.


  3. marshaln says:

    buy t.steel, bharti for long term(4yrs+)

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