Stocks overlapping in funds


Dear Sir,

Is there any website, where can check overlapping of stocks in Funds?

For Ex: I want to invest in IDFC Premier Equity and ICICI Pru Discovery and HDFC Mid Cap Oppurtunities. How to ensure that Iam not investing in same stock thru 2 or more funds?


Thank You

Siva Prasad


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  1. Thank You Vinod. I got it.

  2. Vinodh Kumar says:

    And select a view “Holding Overlap” it should give what you are looking..

  3. Vinodh Kumar says:

    Hi Siva,

    Try the morning star xray tool, I believe you are looking the similar one

    –Vinodh Kumar

  4. bharat shah says:

    i think , there is a tool where you can put % of your total mf portfolio in each designated eq. mf you want to invest, and then you can see X-RAY of your mf portfolio, which would show the overlapping shares with %.

  5. Try

    money control MF comparator will give you top 5 holdings. For MFs of different classes this should give a reasonable idea.
    comparing two MFs from two Value research browser tabs is easy enough.

  6. But we have to download portfolio of these funds into excel, and compare. Instead, is there any readymade tool to compare the portfolio of funds (overlapping)?

    Thank You

  7. The breakup can be found in the AMCs website, value research, morning star india, moneycontrol etc.

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