Stocks recently brought by Mutual funds

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Hi All,

Can anyone let me know where to find authentic information about the stocks which are recently brought by mutual funds ?

I know there is a tool on various places like and for knowing which stocks are owned by a mutual fund at a particular point of time but not the times when they are brought.

I know you have already understood where i am heading.

@Ashal, this is based on your reply considering Fund Managers are the best/wise stock advisors.

Chandrakant D

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  1. VSD Drives says:

    Mutual Funds is pool of money gathered from other investors that is professionally managed by a Portfolio Manager. Most funds have an investment objective; growth, income, etc. There are many trades in the fund, that are recommended by analysts.

  2. VSD Drives says:

    Mutual funds are a group of stocks managed together by some party. It allows the smaller investor to participate in the diversification of the stocks held in a mutual fund w/o actually having to purchase each and every stock for oneself.

  3. VSD Drives says:

    A mutual fund is a basket of stocks, bonds, options, or commodities that spreads your risk around so that you don’t lose all your money on one particular investment vehicle.

  4. VSD Drives says:

    Mutual Funds are great! You can buy no-loan mutual funds directly from the company with no commission or agent. Get a copy oif Sheldon Jacob’s book “No Load Funds” from Amazon,

  5. VSD Drives says:

    Mutual funds are an affordable way for an uninformed investor to diversify their investments to minimize risk.

  6. VSD Drives says:

    I have a small amount of money I would like to invest. I have heard of mutual funds but what are they? how do you get them? how much do they cost? how much money can you make from them?

  7. Dear Chandrakant, till the time fund is not declaring it’s portfolio, you or me can’t know the day to day dealings. You are already aware the portfolio is not declared on daily basis so we can’t track it.



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