struggling for a/c closing with Axis bank

POSTED BY Mandar ON June 24, 2013 7:47 am COMMENTS (2)

I had worked in Mundra, Gujarat till Aug 2008 and operated my Axis Bank salary A/c. After shifted to my native place in Maharashtra, I opened new a/c in native axis bank branch. However I maintain minimum balance in my old salary account till Oct 2009.

In Sep. 2008 I went to abroad for job purpose so in my next annual vacation i.e. Oct 2009 I submitted A/c closing form for old salary a/c along with ATM card and Cheuqe book to my native branch. In line with my application, on 23rd Oct 09 A/c balance Rs. 6711.57 had transferred to my father’s A/c. After this transaction I considered that my a/c was closed but I notice after some period it’s showing some lien balance for that I personally asked to branch manager and he assured me that it will be correct and closed my a/c. Since from that day I continuously asked for same but not closed a/c till date and shown lien balance RS.-3077.55 

By mail and phone call I asked number of time about this lien balance and every time I get only assurance that it will be corrected & closed very soon. Since last 5 yr I have NRE and NRO A/c in native branch and for that I got good service by bank staff.

In April 2013 again I submitted a/c closing form and got assurance by branch head that all things are cleared with Mundra (Kutch) branch head and within eight days it will be closed. But not closed till date. 

Now now i fedup with this a/c closing procedure. Till today lien balance shows -3,548.19 ….  


Please guide me about what action I could take against bank for this ignorance and close my a/c without paying lien amount or penalty.  

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  1. Mandar says:

    Thanks Ashal ,

  2. Dear Mandar, you like it or not but you w’d have to pay this lien amount to get this account closed. So pay this lien amount & after that ask for closure of account.

    Alternatively, if you can prove that the account is running without your consent & you had already done the procedure to close it in 2008 itself, please file a complaint with customercare of Axis bank with required proof.



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