How to submit proofs of last minute investment done under Section 80 C ?

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Hi All,

I am salaried employee in private software company. As per company policy we have to submit proof of investments done under 80C before 25th January 2015. I want to invest in schemes under 80 C in the month of February-March 2015. So Eventually my all investment details under section 80 C will not be reflected in form 16 since I have not declared it with my employer.

Now, while filling online ITR-1 form, shall I declare all the investments under 80C or only those mentioned in form 16 given by employer ?

Do I need to send the xerox proof of all investments made in financial year along with ITR-V form while sending it to IT department, Bangalore?

What are the steps I need to follow to declare those investments which are not present in form 16?

Thanks in Advance. Request to Please respond.

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  1. Harsh__Rathod says:

    Courtesy : Manish Chauhan

    1. You can always declare the 80C investments later at the time of filing the ITR, let your employer cut more tax because you will not give him proofs . Here you will have to apply for refund at the time of filing the tax.

    2. You dont need to give any proofs to tax department, you just need to keep it with you for records if needed later. Employers ask for it so that they can verify it .

  2. All you need to do is invest in extra 80C investments right now and then when you file your income tax return , mention about these investments there and ask for tax refund. At the moment, you will have to pay your taxes as per declaration in form 16 only .

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