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POSTED BY Prakash Babu ON November 21, 2012 5:03 pm COMMENTS (3)

Dear Manish & friends,

can you suggest the best health insurance policy which covers the pre-existing diseases also from day-1 with out any waiting period.

Thank you


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  1. sadhvisuhas says:

    As Manish mentioned there are no current providers that cover pre-existing diseases from the initial stage. All of them cover after 3-4 years. Have a look at this Royal Sundaram health insurance article that will guide you in a better way.

  2. Prakash Babu says:


    Thanks for your reply. Is there any plan which covers the pre-existing diseases with minimum waiting period say 2 or 3 years rather than 4-years.

  3. There does not exist any plan like that and There cant be . There is no business sense to create a product like that . For a min, imagine your are a health insurance company and offering a product, will you offer that kind of product ?

    If you do , then a person can take a policy from you for a premium of say 10,000 and then take the treatment worth 3 lacs . INSURANCE is not meant to cover CERTAIN event , its only to cover “likely” events , which have chances of happening !

    I hope you got the point


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