Suggestion on HDFC Unit Linked Pension Plan

POSTED BY Kalyan A ON July 6, 2012 5:49 pm ONE COMMENT


I have taken a HDFC ULPP in 2006 and paid premium for 3 years (total investment of 90k). I have stopped the premium payment after 3 years. I have a small profit of 10k in the ULPP. Do I need to pay any tax if I surrender the ULPP? I am planning to open a PPF and close this. Is it advisable to continue with this plan (without paying premium or by paying premium) or surrender it?


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  1. Dear Kalyan, as the policy in question is a ULPP, the surrender of this policy at any time ‘ll be taxable.

    To surrender or not to ‘ll be a personal call. If you do have any insurance attached to this policy, please surrender it as the impact of mort. charges ‘ll pull down your return from this policy.



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