Surplus amount in OD account disappeared

POSTED BY Vijay S K ON October 1, 2012 9:33 pm COMMENTS (2)


This is a great information pool on the max gain account. Thank you.

After understanding the whole logic around max gain OD account, I tried it myself by tranferring surplus of around rs. 8000 into my OD account from savings account. It immidiately deducted rs. 8000 from the loan outstanding balance. But, I was expecting the amount to remain in the OD account for my use as per your explainations so far. 

 But, when I see the account details in OD, it is showing up 0. Even I tried transferring rs. 5000 to savings account (silly idea.. but… tried) to see if something gets transferred from black hole account but the transaction failed. Now, how do I make it work like the way you said, where, the surplus amount deposited is available for taking out if required and dont want the laon account to use it up just like part payment. 

 Please help, thanks.

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  1. Dear Vijay, can you share more details? It seems your loan account was running some pending interest & the money parked by you has been adjusted against that pending interest.



    1. Vijay S K says:

      Hi Ashal,

      I have sent to your personal gmail id the home loan account screenshot for your kind lookup.
      I have not seen any outstanding interest pending from my side which you said could have been adjusted. It should show up on the account summary if it was there. There is a regular payment from my side in the form of ECS and so I don’t see any more details I can think of.

      Please let me know what details would help you answer.

      Thank you.

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