Surrender Jeevan Saral

POSTED BY Aadesh ON November 6, 2012 11:43 am COMMENTS (2)


I have taken the Jeevan saral policy and paid 3 premiums till now, premium for this year is to be paid after 2 months [4th premium].

Premium Amount = 60,000 /- per annum

Total premium paid – => 60,000  X 3  = 1.8 Lacs

I have taken this policy when I started my carrear for two reasons like tax savings and the Good returns on the policy as explained by the agent.

Now after going through the info on this site it look like I made a wrong decision.

As returns are very less as compared to PPF.

I have home loan that take care of tax saving + one term insurance of sufficient amount[50L] .

So now my only traget is to have good returns on the investment and that is not possible with Jeevan Saral   !!!.

So please suggest me what to do [surrender or keep it in force till 5th or 10th Premium] ??

What is the exact surrender value    ???

Please Update


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  1. Dear Aadesh, please surrender this policy now. Accept your mistake the hard way & move on. Invest your money into pure investment products.



  2. Right now your surrender value would be very small amount, in Jeevan Saral , there is a provision of high surrender value , check the brochure document .

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