Tata-AIG Invest Assure II fund performance

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 I have been investing 2.5 lacs per year in Tata AIG invest assure II, since 2007. Currently it is in 100% equity. Overall, I calculated about 8% growth in absolute terms since 2007. I do not want to surrender yet, as I look at the fund investments, I expect the large caps to do well in long term. My question is, if I should stop investments in this, and in comparison to other ULIPs that are around so long, how has this been faring.


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  1. Tata AIA Life says:

    Dear Customer,

    We understand that you have certain concerns regarding your policy. However in absence of your policy number or contact number we are unable to examine the matter.

    We request you to kindly send us an email on customercare@tataaia.com or life.complaints@tataaia.com providing us with the relevant details in order to assist you in this matter.

    In case of any further queries/clarifications, please feel free to contact us 1860-266-9966.

    We thank you for your patience and understanding in this regard.

    Yours sincerely,

    Manager – Customer Services
    Tata AIA Life Insurance Company.

  2. Ashok Viswanathan says:

    Hi Manish.
    I did a comparison sometime back of some popular names of ULIPs, like ICICI, Birla SunLife, and honestly, all the ULIPs since 2007, seem to be performing as poorly or as well as the other. Nothing stood out – honest. I could not find many that are as old, and invested in large-caps. This has been a quandary for me, as I see the differences made in MFs.

    As with all other ULIPs, I am yet to see a history or the past pattern which confirms the general view held – that ULIPs are long term investments and the best returns are seen only after, well, “long term”. (I have not seen a 15 year ULIP example quoted somewhere yet.)

    One other aspect which I do not understand as well, is besides the high cost in ULIP etc. why is that even with the even spread of the fund amidst all the better performing large-cap companies, are the returns slower ?

  3. Have you done some findings yourself first ? What is the NAV of other ULIPs and what was the return of your ULIP after these many years ?

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