Tax Filing In India For NRIs

POSTED BY monGenie ON July 18, 2013 3:07 am COMMENTS (6)

If a person is a non-resident Indian and has no income whatsoever in India (like rent, dividends etc.) then does he still have to file return in India?

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  1. monGenie says:

    Thanks SS.. nice informative link.

  2. Dear Mongenie, if there is no income, how can you become defaulter?



    1. monGenie says:

      Ok.. cool

  3. [email protected] says:

    That’s correct, just to support this answer. Please see (Official Website of IT Dept)


  4. Dear Mongenie, if there is no Income, how can be there an Income Tax Return? 🙂



    1. monGenie says:

      Thanks Ashal.. I was quite expecting this answer :-).. but wanted to know how govt. of India will know that now we are NRIs and don’t need to file the return till we are earning outside India? Do we become defaulter in eyes of govt. of India when we return back to India and start filing the taxes again?


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