tax rules for merchant navy officer

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hello sir , my name is swapnil bhokardanakar, i m merchant navy officer . i joined navy in 2009 as trainee . i went for sailing in foreign company in session 2009-2010 for 8 and half month . after tht i was busy in my promotional exam for 2 yeras . in between i didnot went for job so no income . in year 2011 i again went to sailing on foreign company for period of  4 month . i am nre account holder . and i m earning in us dollers . if i need to paytax in india  as i m earning all te income in foreign currncy but my nre account is in icici bank

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  1. swapnil bhokardankar says:

    sir i went for sailing in 2009 on 17/04/2009 upto 1/1/2010 and in year 2011 i went in 16/12/2011 to 22/04/2012 . sorry but i dont know much about CY and FY

    1. Dear Swapnil, the taxation of 2009-2010 income is out of question as of now. For the income from Dec 2011 to Mar 2012, yes the income tax liabilities is there on you as this is the income in FY 2011-2012.



  2. Dear Swapnil, is it CY 2011 or FY 2011-2012, you are talking about?



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