TAX Saving FUNDS…. Advice Needed.

POSTED BY sunil ON July 3, 2012 11:01 am COMMENTS (5)

Dear All,

I need guidance on Tax Saving Mutual Funds…

Goal would be to get more than 9% Returns over long run (7-8 years).

I need to invest around 8000 for myself and 4000 per month for my wife….

is it best to have two different tax saving Funds for both or one would do?

I have PPF, Term insurance is underway (AVIVA) and Medical Insurance as well.. (same as the case with my wife).

kindly let me know the details.

Thanks in Advance

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  1. sunil says:

    Thanks Ashal…. I shall do it that way.

    How about investing in HDFC over Canara Robeco….
    Or tere are any other with good performnace?

    1. Dear Sunil, at any given day I w’d prefer HDFC over Canara. Now interestingly after the exit of Eq. head of Canara, I seriously doubt that Canara people ‘ll be able to maintain the same performance.



  2. sunil says:

    Hello Ashal,
    Yeah you are right… i missed the point… 🙁 my mistake.
    I have 1000 in PPF (Just opened), 7000 in Term Insurance and 10000 in EPF.

    Rest needs to be invested in MF’s

    For my Wife, 1000 in PPF (just opened as well) and 15000 in EPF.

    I also have one question, as we see (from our prespective) both the salaries as one….
    Why can’t i have PPF for my wife for may be around 60,000 + 15000 (EPF) and minor part in Equity….

    And on my portfolio i have PPF nominal amount (1000) and EPF – 10000 and rest diverted to Equity related schemes… it will however balance our combined portfolio right?

    Is it good to maintain in such a way or differentiate and look at each one salry separately…

    1. Dear Sunil, I think that collective family income thing is a good way to move ahead. Keep Debt part higher for wife’s investment & Eq. for your own.



  3. Dear Sunil, 8K translates into 96K yly figure, so your mean to say your PPF + Term cover prem. is 4K only to cover that 1L Rs. limit under section 80C. Mediclaim prem. comes under section 80D, hence not counting here.

    Please quote the amount you are investing in PPF. If you are salaried, there may be PF for you. Same things for your wife.

    Please decide first what’s the short fall to reach to 1L figure & then invest only as per your short fall. No need to invest extra in a tax saving funds.



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