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My husband while checking his hdfc bank account click on tax credit option & there in 26AS he found that Rs 1400 has been cut as TDS for the payment of Rs 14000 in aug 2011 by local govt hosp.
Though he has never visited nor worked there.Also there is no payment of Rs 14000 or Debit of
Rs 1400(TDS) shown in his bank statement.
What should he do now?
Should he complaint at Income Tax office or at local govt hosp.

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  1. Abhinav Gulechha says:

    Hi Bhavana

    Thanks for the e-mail. Hope your resolution initiatives work. I had a personal experience on this front and it was really painful to get the Form 26AS right. Would be really helpful if you could share the resolution experience on the IT website..wish to know is there a scope for that? Thanks.

  2. BHAVANA says:

    Dear Ashal thanx for the quick reply.
    My husband told me that he had made a online complaint at income tax website & he is also going to visit the hospital to get it clear.

  3. Dear Bhavana, it seems the TDS entry has been made wrongly towards your husband’s PAN. Please contact that hospital & ask to clear his name from that wrong entry.

    Another thing – some one has used your husband’s PAN knowingly to avoid his own Tax liability above that TDS thing.

    In any case, contact that hospital to rectify the mistake which may prove costly to your husband.



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