TDS deducted under incorrect PAN

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My mother\’s employer ( A PSU ) had deducted the TDS from salary for last Assessment Year 2012-2013, but while submitting it, they punched in a wrong PAN number, so its not credited to her name.

We had not checked the Form 26 AS last year, but now we have a received a Income T^ax notice for the same to pay tax + interest in a month\’s time frame.

So what steps should be taken ?
The PSU has agreed about the mistake in inputting PAN.

We have taken print outs of all the required documents and asked the same to employer. But this process is carried out by a third party for the PSU as well.

So we shall directly contact that third party who performs this process ?

Should we meet IT officers at local office ?

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  1. Mohit Pandey says:


    Meeting IT official is waste of time, since they cannot do anything in this case. It is the responsibility of TDS Deductor to provide correct information for the updation of Form 26AS.

    Contact directly third party and keep PSU in loop or ask PSU to contact third party to correct the error ASAP.

    Remember to check form 26 AS before filing the return.

    1. Anand says:

      Thanks for reply.

      Yes, we have already checked the form 26 AS this year before filing returns.

      Regarding the updation of form 26 AS, do we have to take any action for it, like filling form or just deductor will be updating it.

      Will we be getting any proof for the same ?

      Or shall we just file the returns for last year again with new details, like new transaction number from updated 26AS

      1. Mohit Pandey says:

        You have to file return again after correction in Form 26AS. Dedcutor has to update the details. You can ask them to provide you the acknowledgement of the updation. If its taking time you can complaint to higher authority in your organisation.

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