Term Insurance

POSTED BY Prijesh Janardhanan ON November 29, 2012 4:58 pm COMMENTS (4)


Could you please let me know what is a term insurance is all about.

Have some basic questions like

What happens to my premiums paid till the expiry of the term policy if the insured person is till alive?

Will the insured person still get the amount assured after survivial of the term insurance period.


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  1. Hi Manish

    Yes am very much now is that am going to cancel some of my other policies like below mentioned or should I maintain the same require your expertize advice. And go for a term insurance for amount of 1cr. Also request your advice which term policy is best as am a Smoker.

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  2. Prijesh

    Are you convinced with term plan concept or not ? Can you see that its some great product ? Or NO !

    we can help you in looking at it in right way !

  3. Thanks Himanshu, could you please suggest some of the best Terms Insurance which can be bought also is that am a Smoker and Occasional Drinker.

  4. Himanshu says:

    Dude you seriously need to do some research on term insurance..

    go through this forum and read everything you find on term.. it is the best gift tht you can giv to ur family.. its not a profit making tool but a tool to make your families future secure if god forbids you are not their.

    And on your question “What happens to my premiums paid till the expiry of the term policy if the insured person is till alive?”

    Ask yourself what will happen to your family if you are not their, you can get a cover of 1cr at a premium of as low as 6500 a year for next 45 years.. and even if pay for next 45 years the total amount will mount to roughly 3 lacs only..

    You decide what is important a secure future of your family for next 45 years or 3 lac rupees paid over a time frame of 45 years..

    Look at the bigger picture my friend

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