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POSTED BY Ramesh ON June 14, 2013 3:36 pm COMMENTS (6)

I am trying to purhcase a term insurance and my age is 32, i have done comparison of premium as well as feature of insurance from policybazaar.com etc, still i have doubts to buy that how to choose right company because somewhere premium is high and somewhere is low and if we talk about HDFC life there’s claim settlement ratio (CSR) is 95% but premium is very higher comparison with others so please suggest me how to choose right term insurance company to buy so that after buying, we should not feel.

I am physically handicapped person with 75% of disability on left leg only, but i am working in a software company and i am office going person.

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  1. Dear Ramesh, there are no such extra ordinary things for a handicap person to purchase term cover.

    Please go ahead & apply with the insurer of your choice.



  2. Ramesh says:

    Before buying term insurance, what are the key points need to be considered, as i have told already i am a physically handicapped person.

    What are the complications to buy term insurance for the physically handicapped persons.

    1. Ramesh says:

      Someone please suggest me as i mentioned above for term insurance purchase.

  3. Dear Ramesh, if you are in doubt that a 5K prem. company may not provide claim, you should not purchase it at all. Either look for claim ratio or for low prem.

    I’m not recommending usual thing that claim ratio is not the ultimate truth. I personally opted for Aviva & I’m comfortable with it’s claim settlement for the thing that My prem. had been increased a lot after medicals & disclosures related to my job related risks.



  4. Dear Ramesh, please opt the insurer where you are comfortable. If it means HDFC, opt that one. if it means LIC, so be it.



    1. Ramesh says:

      If i consider HDFC its premium is very higher comparison with Aviva or Bharti AXA actually i have checked premium for the same in HDFC is 9500/Year and in Aviva or Bharti AXA is 5000/year so why should i purchase from HDFC or LIC, so the confusion here is suppose i purchase insurance from company where premium is very low then i feel that when it comes to claim they may deny for the claim.
      As i posted already i am a handicapped person so i don’t know there is a medical or not for me, so please suggest as per my physical condition.

      I asked to Aviva life for insurance, they suggested me choose the cover for 55 lacs then only they do medical.

      So please suggest is Aviva if best for me as i am considering the premium and term is also for 35 years and premium paying mode is half yearly.

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